Dalton Mills

Just outside of Keighley town centre lies the amazing Dalton Mills, steeped in history and being a key part of the town for centuries. The first mill on site was owned by Miss Rachael Leach who resided at West Riddleston Hall. From the 1780’s the mills were used to spin cotton. The description from an 80 year old mill worker of Miss Leach was “a bold and masculine sort of woman”

The Mills take their name from an employee of Miss Leach named Dalton who was at the forefront of the Mill being the main point of contact for the mills many workers, customers and suppliers. In line with many mills of that era children were employed amongst the workforce from a young age, in the tower opposite the mill you can still find the foreboding ‘naughty ring’ where misbehaving children were taken and tied up as punishment by the foreman.

Reported sightings of a lady in clogs have been seen and heard by many of the workers and visitors to the site, wondering on the top floor of the Genappe mill, with people also hearing on many occasions her eerie footsteps as she roams aimlessly above. What will you encounter or who will you encounter whilst you delve in to the paranormal of Dalton Mills?

With the mill being left unused for many years film and TV crews have used the site to film numerous period dramas with the people on location also reporting ghostly phenomena and unexplainable feelings. Old clocking in cards have been discovered along with shoes found in the walls to ward off the witches, along with reports of the ex-foreman Myers haunting the floors still watching over his workers.. Will the apparition of this sinister man come through on the night for you?

Will you hear the unmistakeable sound of the lady in clogs and she wonders her floor, will you encounter the tiny hands of the mill children tugging at your coats as you go through the mills? Will you hear the cry of the children still tied in spirit to the ‘naughty ring’?

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Address: Dalton Lane, Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD21 4JH

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