Bradford Tunnels

Below the bustling streets of Bradford city centre lays the forgotten tunnels with hundreds of thousands of people passing above oblivious to the dark history beneath them. Within these walls lies tales of incarceration, a safe place for the terrified during the war and a stage for some of the worlds best musicians!The tunnels have been the scene for some of histories unforgettable moments.

In the late 1700’s John Nelson was brought to the underground dungeons by John Wesley and held in a solitude cell with the people of Bradford city taking food and water to him, only able to pass it under the door! Held in the cell with his own thoughts as described by the man himself ‘the area smelling worse than a hogstye’. John found himself holed up in the confined environment of blood and filth filtering down from the butchers and streets above! The imprisoned preacher would sing hymns throughout the night – Will you hear the haunting voice of the preacher as he sings?

The tunnels also offered a refuge for those who needed it whilst Bradford was attacked during WW2 – this is thought to be by the Luftwaffe! Will you see the reported sighting of the young woman seen in the entrance – to be seen one moment and gone the next?

In more recent times the tunnels have been the stage of many a famous face with the wrestler Big Daddy ‘Shirley Crabtree’ having his nightclub ‘The Little Fat Black Pussycat Club’. With famous acts playing in the cellar bar such as Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles and The Pretty Things.

In 1964 the doors to this amazing location closed and it has remained untouched and unseen for decades until a recent developer stumbled across the site. The tunnels are currently undergoing redevelopment and modernisation. With development due for completion by the end of the year we are offering your the fantastic opportunity to join us on this very unique event before it is too late!

Address: Aldermanbury Bradford BD1 1SD

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