Abbey House Museum

New location for 2018! Join Fright Nights West Yorkshire for a night of ghost hunting as we pay our first visit to the historic and reportedly extremely haunted Abbey House. Today a museum, the building was originally constructed in the 12th Century as the gatehouse for Kirkstall Abbey, whose magnificent and haunted ruins stand nearby. With over 900 years of history it comes as no surprise that there have been many reports of paranormal activity over the years, including the sound of children’s voices, doors opening and closing of their own accord and perhaps most impressive, reported sightings of the apparition of a monk dressed in a brown habit.

Abbey House is a Grade II listed building situated just 3 miles north west of Leeds City Centre on the main A65 road to Kirkstall. The core of the house was originally the inner gatehouse of Kirkstall Abbey, founded in 1152. When Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries in 1541 the gatehouse was blocked at either end and became a house. Since then it has been a farmhouse and also the home of the Butler family, owners of the iron and steel works Kirkstall Forge. In 1926 Leeds City Council bought Abbey House and the museum was opened in 1927.

The ground floor of the museum is set out as an area of Victorian streets, featuring houses and a range of shops and local services. This area is thought to be particularly active and staff and visitors have reported having their hair pulled when nobody is stood nearby, objects thrown, the sudden smell of pipe tobacco in a particular area, and the apparition of an old man sat at a desk in the Sunday school.

Our Ghost Hunt at Abbey House includes:

Supernatural History Tour of Abbey House Mediumship and Equipment workshops Mediumship walkround – who haunts tonight? Psychic and Ghost Hunting Equipment Experiments including seances and glass divination Ghost Hunting Vigils in the dark Hot Drinks and Biscuits Expert advice and discussion about the paranormal Your chance to stay in a real haunted house at night! The first reports of paranormal activity were reported when Abbey House opened as a museum in 1927. The then live-in caretaker, Kate Hatfield, claimed to have experienced numerous strange phenomena occurring around the house between midnight and 2am during the winter of 1929/30. This included doors opening and closing by themselves on the first floor and the sound of a cloak swishing along the corridors. In 1944, Mrs Hatfield’s niece and three of her friends all reported seeing a monk dressed in a brown habit who seemed to be acting frightened. It has been claimed that the monk is John Ripley, the last Abbot of Kirkstall, who moved into Abbey House following the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1539, and upon his death was buried nearby.

With a house that sits next to such ancient ruins, who knows what has occurred here over the years and based on eye witness accounts there seems little doubt that the building is haunted. Most Haunted filmed here in 2017 and now Fright Nights West Yorkshire are offering YOU the chance to take part in an overnight Ghost Hunt at Abbey House.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to spend the night here. Dare you join us……

Address: Abbey Walk, Leeds LS5 3EH, UK

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