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Events on 26 September 2020
Category: Ghost Hunts

Bolling Hall Ghost Hunt – £49

Bolling Hall is a classic haunting, it's first reported ghost sighting dates from the 1600s. It's darkened rooms and corridors harbour the souls of the unsettled dead. Who haunts the Blue Room, why are objects mysteriously thrown into the middle of the room and who is the shadowy figure that stands in the main hall? Join us for our Bolling...  Read More »

Category: Ghost Hunts

30 East Drive GHOST HUNT – £75

Join Fright Nights West Yorkshire at the infamous 30 East Drive Pontefract, as we endeavour to unravel the highly intriguing paranormal phenomena that resides within the walls, of what on the outside appears to be an everyday normal family home, although looks can be very, very deceptive! The Pritchard family who resided at 30 East Drive in...  Read More »

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