30 East Drive GHOST HUNT – £75

booknow Join Fright Nights West Yorkshire at the infamous 30 East Drive Pontefract, as we endeavour to unravel the highly intriguing paranormal phenomena that resides within the walls, of what on the outside appears to be an everyday normal family home, although looks can be very, very deceptive!

The Pritchard family who resided at 30 East Drive in their beloved family home were one day to encounter paranormal goings on during the 1960’s & 70’s which would later change their lives forever.

When they started noticing dust falling to an extensive degree and originating lower than ceiling height, they knew that something wasn’t quite right, in a bid to tidy up their home they mopped up a pool of water which appeared in the kitchen, only to be superseded by several other pools instantly coming from the floor.

The overpowering spirit of a black cluniac monk from the time of Henry VIII is said to roam this deserted semi detached family home, with extreme reports of paranormal activity from the now residing poltergeist the Pritchard family named as Fred in hope of somewhat normalising the effects of his presence within their house. Unfortunately for the family ‘Fred’s’ presence was never going to be normal.

*Please note there is an optional sleepover for this event for one booking group (Maximum 4 people). Additional cost applies, please contact us for more information.

Address: 30 East Drive, Pontefract, WF8 2AN

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